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Ionic Exchange System (VOCs. Odor and SOx)

Ionic Exchange System(I.E.S.)

Ionic Exchange System(I.E.S.) 이미지

IES (Ionic Exchange System)is odor, VOCs, and cation/anion pollutants
removal system using ionic exchange fiber and regeneration liquid.
This system consumes less water and electric power than conventional
wet type scrubber

Anion exchange fiber
Anion exchange fiber

Cation exchange fiber
Cation exchange fiber

Ionic Exchange Fiber Fibrous adsorbent (Polypropylene nonworen fabric) that containsradicals by radiation-induced graft polymerization exchanges cation or anion and is regene-rated continuously and stably

이온교환섬유의 물리ㆍ화학적 흡착 성능 비교표
Reference from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute in S.Korea

Target gas pathway in ionic exchange filterHigh physicochemical adsorption performance by target gas zigzag motion
through between central plate and grill

Target gas pathway in ionic exchange filter

Process Flow

Process Flow

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  • Gas:HCI, CI2, 악취
  • Capacity:400m³/min
  • Site:“S”-Fine Chemicals


  • Gas:HCN
  • Capacity:500m³/min
  • Site:“D”center


  • Gas:H2S
  • Capacity:550m³/min
  • Site:Busan Sin-pyeong jangrim leather complex


  • Gas:H2S, NH₃
  • Capacity:50m³/min
  • Site:“L”-Chemicals