IES(Ion Exchange System) -ENG

Ion Exchange System

IES is a Odor,SOx, Acid and Alkaline gas removal system using ion exchange fiber and regenerated liquid

IES (Ion Exchange System) features

  • Removes Odor,SOx, Acid and Alkaline gas using ion exchange fiber and regenerated liquid
  • Less usage of water and electricity and high efficiency than conventional scrubber with a consecutive/automatic operation system of physiochemical adsorbent

Ion Exchange Fiber:Ion exchange fiber is a fiber-phase adsorbent that is manufactured to form Radicals in non-woven fabrics and exchange anions and cations using irradiation.

Anions Exchange Fiber

Cation Exchange Fiber


*Source: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

The flow direction of gas during the adsorption process: Contamination gas passing through ion exchange filter passes through the part plate and grill inside the ion exchange filter in zigzag direction to ensure high efficiency by adsorption to the surface of ion exchange fiber.

 Processing system diagram

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