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A promise for better tomorrow, MAT Plus

MAT+ will strive to preserve the environment for the new generation to thrive in the advancing technology-based world.

We put people before profit.

If risking clean air and paying for the harsh consequences of global warming are what we receive in exchange for the convenience of technology, that is not the way we should picture our future.

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POU Abatement System

POU Abatement System processes waste gases emitted during production processes in semiconductors, LCDs, LEDs, and related fields with high efficiency.

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RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

RTO enables continuous high-efficiency processing of VOCs with differentiated technologies that meet market needs.

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Ion Exchange System

Ion Exchange System eliminates acid gas, basic gas, SOx, and odors with ultra-high efficiency by using ion exchange fibers and regenerative solutions.

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